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2006 Sabrina Commercial Real Estate

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7629 Shafter Avenue
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

P.O. Box 2290
Yucca Valley, CA 92286

OFFICE: 760.369.9713  FAX: 760.369.9564
CELL: 818.279.1914

Shannon and Sabrina
Shannon and Sabrina

Sabrina, Congressman Jerry Lewis and Ann Mistal
Sabrina with U.S. Representative Jerry Lewis (CA 41st District)
and Ann Mistal

Ann, Paul and Sabrina
(L-R) Ann Mistal of Lock, Stock & Guns,
Assemblyman Paul Cook and Sabrina "BudJonz".

Bruce McPherson and Sabrina
Secretary of State Bruce McPherson and Sabrina "BudJonz".

Mr. Frank Williams and Sabrina
Sabrina "BudJonz" with Mr. Frank Williams (My Southern Gent),
CEO of the Building Industry Association of San Bernardino County

Our positioning statement to you, our valued client, is that our ethics in each and every transaction remain concrete and are not of situational ethic content.

Please give me a jingle to discuss your property investment needs. I make deals through building relationships!

• Celebrating My 25th Anniversary as a Broker •


Sabrina "Budjonz" Peukert

Your Full-Time Commercial Real Estate Broker, 24/7...

The Preferred Brokerage for Corporate Transactions!

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Popeyes Chicken... Approved for Yucca Valley - 3/2017 represented both seller and buyer!

Juijitsutime Martial Art Collective... 1,800 sq ft new location - Yucca Valley! Represented both buyer and seller!

Yucca Valley Old Schoolhouse... Closed 4/2017 - represented both buyer and seller!

1 and 2 acre on 29 Palms Highway lots sold... Closing in 2017!

Moving large Company into former 15,000 square foot Hutchin's Harley Davidson building 2017

Popeye's Chicken - New development in Yucca Valley. Closing end of 2016. I represented all parties!

Total Fitness in 29 Palms - 20,000 Sq. Ft. Represented all parties, closed in 2016

Escrow closed July, 2015 on the original Rite Aid property in 29 Palms. I represented both buyer and seller

Sold Dr. Robert Lombardo's dental office building Yucca Valley. Closed 5/15

Expanded Elite Cosmetology Group in Yucca Valley to over 14,000 Sq. Ft. Closed 6/15

Relocated Yucca Family Medical Group, Dr. Soberro and John Batin PA, to over 12,000 Sq. Ft. behind the new Rite Aid in Yucca Valley continuing expansion since 2015

The Home Depot land I sold now has Marshalls and PetCo: updated 2/2015

Placed Two Guys Pies, All Star Hamburgers, and Dr. Soberro and John Batin PA-C - Yucca Valley Medical Care, behind the new Rite Aid to over 10,000 sq feet! 2/2015

Popeye's Fast Food is going to Yucca Valley..... placed them in the old Arco AM PM near Appleby's - to be built in 2016

12/2012 - Dollar General Store in 29 Palms
Scheduled to Open August 2013

8/19/2010 - Just Closed! Old Stefano's Restaurant
29 Palms Highway, Yucca Valley $174,000
Took Me Over A Year To Close This And It Was My Dealings/Concessions That Closed This Deal!

8/26/2010 - Closed Sale! Home Depot
5 Acre Commercial Land Outparcel!
Yucca Valley at Avalon Avenue! $1,200,000
Will Be Developed For Retail Users!
Took 1 Year To Close This!

4413 Old Woman Springs Rd. Yucca Valley
Industrial Building Closed June 11, 2010

Top 100 Chinese Restaurant in 29 Palms
Represented Seller Closed 4/22/09

Represented Home Depot
5 Acre Out-Parcel in Yucca Valley - Sold 3/16/10

Burrtec Waste Management
7 1/2 Acre Site in Yucca Valley - Closed 9/08/08

San Bernardino School District 5 1/2 Acre Site
in Yucca Valley - Closed 6/08/08

Sonic Burger and The New Rite Aid Coming in 2010

Walgreen's in Twentynine Palms Gets Approval...
Both Parties Represented by Sabrina Investment Group

Nuwu Casino comes to Twentynine Palms. . .

The #1 Dedicated Commercial Broker in the Hi-Desert
The #1 Land Development/Entitlement Broker

I am an entitlement broker... whereas most brokers care only about the commission... I make sure your project goes from start to finish... attending all pre-app meetings at the city...engineering meetings... council meetings... planning meetings... I assist you in the development phases and provide a "verbal" feasibility study based on my expertise. There is no extra charge for this, part of my services... Entitlement refers to topography, surveys, site plans, hydrology drainage, seismic trenching, feasibility studies, comparable sales, attorney selection for partnerships/LLC, account management services, meetings with community development directors and showcasing your property at the annual retailer convention I belong to - this in it self is priceless.

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Yucca Valley's Wide Open Spaces...
A Top Ten Retirement Bargain ~USN&WR

A company specializing only in commercial and industrial land for investment and development in the Coachella Valley (Low Desert), and Hi-Desert Communities of Yucca Valley, 29 Palms, Joshua Tree, Morongo Valley and Landers.

• Syndications • Leasing • Sales
• Tenant Representation • Management
• Lease Renegotiation • Disputes
• Market Studies

Over 24 Years Experience as a Dedicated Broker/Investor/Developer of Only Commercial & Industrial Properties!

Desert Livestock 2010 Sabrina Commercial Real Estate
Desert Livestock 2010 Sabrina Commercial Real Estate
Aerial View of Yucca Valley, from the Country Club to the East
Be extremely cautious of people who say they are "licensed real estate brokers" - and essentially they are not... they are liars - please call me to discuss this... one major landowner /developer in Yucca Valley is posing himself as a "broker" and trying to get sales prices reduced and not going into escrow signing any commission agreements upfront - this is fraud. The property this person is buying is between Warren Vista and Balsa Avenue. They offer all cash, fast 30 day escrow and get you to reduce the sales price upfront - please check their name on www.dre.ca.gov go under licensee/check area.

Make sure they are involved with the city on volunteer committees or are affiliated with groups who are pro-active in growth.

A good commercial broker also has their own investments, as I, so they can guide you from past experience. Be careful of those who sell residential or anything - they are a jack of all, master of none. I am a master of commercial land/investment period. I do nothing else except make sure you are purchasing/selling a piece of property that has a clean bill of health or will disclose to you the issues.
I will guide you through the process of development to hold or resell for profit. I will set up meetings with a qualified civil engineer, general contractor, legal corporate through my real estate attorney, John Lightfeldt. I have developed and own numerous commercial/industrial properties and have past experience in making sure you are not wasting your time!

(See if license is valid and no disciplinary actions)

(See if your real estate agent has criminal or civil actions against them)

(Check current status of a general contractor in California)

(Check civil engineer's license status)

Sabrina has the 1st Hi-Desert Booth at the annual Retailers and Shopping Center Convention in San Diego

Sabrina and Booth
Sabrina "On Duty"

Sabrina, Schooler and Leffler          Sabrina, Raffin and Meyerhoff

Sabrina and Guests          Friendly Neighbors
Clockwise: with Mr. Jim Schooler, Director of Public Services for the Town of Yucca Valley and Mr. Rob Leffler, Developer of The Mojave - with Mr. Bill Raffin, Raffin Realty and Mr. Alex Meyerhoff, Community Development Director for the City of 29 Palms - Friendly Neighbors at the convention - Socializing with Mr. Rob Leffler and Mr. Alex Meyerhoff

Shannon, is a "Mini Bud Jonz" in effect...
Shannon, is the "Mini Bud Jonz" in effect...
Cesar Millan, Sabrina, Shannon and Ca-Ca the Cockatoo
Cesar Millan, the Famous Dog Whisperer, with Sabrina, Shannon and Ca-Ca the Cockatoo
Cesar working with Maxwell
Working with the Alpha Male, Maxwell on how to behave properly